Our Process

The Road to Your Future Begins with a Plan

We believe the key to helping conserve your assets and achieving the lifestyle and legacy you envision—whatever the conditions—is rooted in a successful retirement plan. One that develops around your current circumstances, grows to fit your changing needs and is flexible enough to accommodate the unexpected along the way.

We integrate time-tested planning strategies with your priorities to create a framework that takes into consideration more than just your investment accounts. It encompasses all aspects of your financial picture to reflect your values and way of thinking as well as your near- and long-term objectives and aspirations.

Income to Sustain What You Envision
The opportunities and uncertainties of retirement can be exciting and daunting at the same time. At Powell Financial Group, our primary focus is on establishing a consistent income stream for you that will keep pace with inflation and ensure optimal tax efficiency, to help provide you with the financial freedom to sustain your lifestyle—regardless of market irregularities or unforeseen life events.

Drawing on our disciplined and prudent investment approach, we will help transform your lifestyle vision into a clear portfolio strategy that is conservative yet flexible enough to address your needs now and as they change and evolve over the course of your retirement.

We also collaborate with an extensive network of partners, including outside attorneys, accountants, and other third-party consultants, as appropriate, to help ensure that all your important life decisions are smoothly integrated into a total retirement solution.