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Our Uncommon Mission Statement


We are all driven by a single, common purpose: to make a profound difference in our world.

We want to help people, and we are inspired by empowering the goals and dreams of everyone connected to Commonwealth, including our advisors, their clients, our home office employees, our industry partners, and those in our community.


We will passionately promote quality and community.

We strive to be the best at everything we do while providing a supportive culture where everyone can thrive.


We invest our time, talent, and resources in things we believe in, care about, and identify with.

We are guided by a commitment to:

  • Indispensable Service – Our actions are always in the best interests of our advisors, their clients, and anyone else we’re called on to serve.

  • Financial Strength – Although we’re not bound by shareholders or stock prices, the financial strength of our firm measures our current level of success in the marketplace and provides the fiscal foundation for continued success.

  • Personal Development – We honor the determination of all individuals affiliated with Commonwealth to develop their skills, both personal and professional.

  • Giving Back – We are dedicated to serving the communities where we work, live, and visit through a diverse range of causes and organizations.

  • Fun – We work hard to maintain a culture and an environment where our home office staff enjoys coming to work and where our advisors and their staff enjoy their interactions with the home office.


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