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How Our Journey Began

After obtaining a degree and delving into careers in Accounting and Real Estate, I found myself at a crossroads.  Neither career was particularly satisfying and I found myself seeking to find a new direction for my experience, education and inner core values. I was led to join a team climbing Denali (Mt. McKinley) in Alaska. After two weeks on the mountain, I found myself on summit day at 19,500 feet struggling with altitude sickness. My teammates abandoned me, choosing to head on to the summit. Barely conscious and alone, providence came in the form of two Austrian climbers who found me and helped me down to the 17,000 foot summit camp. If you know something about altitude climbing, no person should be left behind. Without their help, I may not have survived. My journey on Denali provided an epiphany.  Without the help of caring individuals who look out for your well-being, we often struggle, and sometimes don’t make it.  The same can be said in the financial arena. Without caring wealth managers who put their clients’ needs first and create a plan to meet their unique goals, people can be ignored, misled and mismanaged.  I established Powell Financial Group in 1987 with the motto “We Take the Time to Listen.”  Taking time and caring makes all the difference. Powell Financial Group is staffed with thoughtful, socially responsible, and well-educated staff members who work hard each day to provide independent advice, complex analysis, and active management of our clients’ accounts.      - David W. Powell, Founder & CEO  

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At Powell Financial Group we hold an unwavering commitment to serve your individual needs. We believe the key to achieving the lifestyle and legacy you envision is through a disciplined, yet individualized approach to wealth management. Together, we work to attain financial security through all stages of your life. We are fulfilled by building life-long relationships, taking time to listen and celebrating your achievements.

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Integrity. We uphold the highest standard of integrity in all of our actions. 

Relationships. We develop life-long relationships and make a positive difference in the lives of others. 

Collaboration. We work collaboratively as a dynmaic team and in partnership with our clients to produce optimal financial outcomes.  

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Our commitment to honoring key life moments and giving back to the community is reflected in our service model, annual events and charitable activities.  We are caring wealth managers and devoted stewards.  Our success is measured by the positive impact and lasting impressions we create for clients, future generations and our local and global communities.